Staff Shooter

Staff Shooter

Douglas B. McDonagh

For the last 15 years I have hunted and shot competitive archery indoor and outdoor 3D. When our hunting seasons here are closed just to keep up my form, technique along with muscle memory. I have harvested many deer, and moose with my bow and riffle. I love the outdoors and there is no better place to be then in the woods.

I have taken my archery a lot more serious by competing in the open classes Free Style. As for the last 12 outdoor 3D archery shoots. I have placed in the top half of my class in every shoot. Last January I competed in the Las Vegas Shootout in the Free Style Flights and finished in the 8 Flight and finished 3rd.

I am honored to be a part of these great company’s as a Pro Staff member promoting great new products. The local archery shop I shoot for is a big support T&T Archery.

I am also on the Pro staff for G5outdoors for Prime bows. 365Archery Product, Shrewd Archery, Stanisloski Releases, Hush Puk

Bow Prime STX36 and the STX39, 28’’ DL set with B Cams, 59.9lbs DW, 365 Archery Pro Stabilizers, Shrewd 39mm sight an 4X to 6X lenses

Bow Prime Rival, 28’’ DL, 60lb DW, 365 DVS Stabilizers

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