Customer Reviews

Eric N.
I’m picky when it comes to archery, flat out beyond crucial. I have swapped to Bowlab custom bowstrings for so many reasons. Every time I string a bow with them it is within spec, times beyond well, No peep twist and increased speeds. I highly suggest anyone looking for strings and cables give the Bowlab custom strings a try. Trust me you will not be disappointed. I have been married to winners choice and vapor trail for so long for me to swap or sell them to anyone should mean something. I can get them for any bow hit me up for details. These strings and cables flat out have “THE BOW DOCTORS” full approval. I have put strings and cables on hundreds if not thousands of bows, hands down these are the best I’ve seen or used. You have done a amazing job my friend.

Kelly A.
I have known Shaun for awhile now and can tell you his attention to detail is unsurpassed. He is customer driven for sure. I have had the honor to run a set of the bow lab strings for awhile now, they have a great fit and finish I am seeing no peep rotation or stretch whatsoever. I will tell you get yourself a set of bow lab strings from Shaun and you will not be disappointed. We will be doing more business with him in the future for sure.

Lars A.
Shaun at knows his stuff! I recently had Shaun change the strings out and tune my Hoyt up for me, and I was nothing short of impressed of his attention to detail and his drive to make sure everything was done properly. He was even nice enough to let me test drive the new Elite and Prime bows while he worked on my bow. It is great that Pinedale now has a top notch archery shop! Check ’em out over on Country Club Lane!

Bradlee S.
I am new to Wyoming and new to archery. I decided it was something I wanted to try. Whenever I asked hunters or target shooters where to go to get started they all recommended Shaun at High Alpine Archery. Shaun got my draw length set, adjusted my draw weight, got my sights ready to go, all the typical things I expected from a shop. But then he went above and beyond my expectations. He helped coach me on improving my shot, corrected some bad habits, took slow motion video of my release to point out where the errors were, and really got me excited about the sport of archery. Top notch service. I highly recommend High Alpine Archery.

Mathew B.
The service is second to none! Great small town feel combined with extensive Knowledge, and products! I personally have recommended to all of my friends.

Jessie Y.
I have been shooting in a league for about 6 years now. I love archery and 3D shoots. High Alpine Archery service was impressive. I was able to purchase a new bow that fit my needs perfectly. Shaun Cantrell owner of HAA was extremely knowledgeable.. I was able to get my peep and draw length done correctly.. and shooting now better than ever before.. I have traveled to several different shops in WY and Utah and this was by far the best service and knowledge I have found.. I am super excited to now have an Archery Shop I can trust and rely on.. Thanks High Alpine Archery.. Iam so looking forward to hunting season and my future bow shoots!!!!

Casey B.
Stopped on last week and shot a few of Shaun’s shop setup bows. Both shot excellent but loved the Prime Ion. Stopped by today and picked up my new Ion, completely set up by Shaun and ready to shoot. Got home and went to shooting. Quickly got back to 50 yards, adjustable sight was dead on. Great service from High Alpine Archery!!! Couldn’t be happier with my new bow purchasing experience. Thanks Shaun. Looking forward to filling the freezer.

Daniel W.
If your like me and live in a place with awesome bow hunting opportunities but haven’t had a good local bow shop and just been accepting or doing it yourself the wait is over. I started dealing with Shaun over four years ago when a pro shop fixed my bow and well it wasn’t he taught me the importance of re timing and tuning your bow he knows it’s important to your success and it will make your experience enjoyable. His customer service is great and just a bs session over products or other archer stuff that’s real nice. Get down and check him out. #imadetheswitch

Monte M.
Professional and affordable, what more can you ask from an archery shop? Dropped my bow off and Shaun had me up and rolling in no time. Pinedale, WY is a hunting paradise but it really lacks “hunting” shops/stores….until now. Love what you guys are doing and what you have brought to our local hunting community.

Denver L.
Great customers service and an awesome product!!! Very helpful and quick at completing work!

Darrel B.
Awesome work!!! Thank you Shaun, mine shoots great and Haiden loves his bow as well!

Josh D.
Thanks high alpine archery for getting my bow all tuned in and ready for bear season . It’s nice to have a professional that truly cares about the work he is doing.

Phillip B.
Great work, he reworked a Mathews for me, shoots better than new…thanks Shawn!

Wesley K.
This is the only place I will be taking my bow. Excellent!

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