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Due to our customized process and our need for information from you regarding your order, we ask that all orders be placed by phone.

Wyoming is an avid sportsman and woman state with unmatched fishing and hunting opportunities. So it should come as no surprise that the state is a haven for archers. Whether you’re into bow hunting bison and elk or you’re just into practicing your shot, equipping yourself with the right gear is essential.

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Hoyt Klash in stock and fully set up ready to shoot or hunt! Comes with either drop away rest or whisker biscuit, quiver and sight!! Free bow set up and life time warranty!! Awesome bow for men, women, youth. Adjustable draw length and poundage 15-70!

The shelves are stocked with the Hoyt RX-1 Carbon, Turbo and the Ultra! We also have the Hyperforce in Sub-Alpine and the new Real Tree Edge!! All awesome looking bows!!

SHARP!!!! Rx-1 Carbon Bone Collector!!

There is not a better time to buy a new BOW!! We have Mathews and Hoyt!!

We have the Hoyt RX-1 ultra and Turbo in stock – come on down and see us folks!

Custom Bow Strings

Every string is made one at a time. I personally build each string. This is how I am able to guarantee the exceptional quality and consistency in every string that is produced. All of BowLab’s strings are pre-stretched to 450 lbs. of tension using pneumatic stretchers. They are also served under 450 lbs. of tension using a high-tech, programmable serving machine. This process, along with BowLabs extreme attention to detail, coupled with the best materials in the industry, produces a finished string with NO peep rotation, NO creep and NO serving separation.

Bowlab guarantees all work up to 1 year.
(warranty covers parts, but customer pays for return shipping)

If a problem arises, send the piece back for inspection. If the issue is found to be a fault of the build, I will either repair or replace piece which will be sent back to you free of charge.

Note: warranty DOES NOT cover misuse of string such as dry fire, cut string, or fibers not taken care of properly. ONLY manufacture defects.

Color Choices



At BowLab we strive to offer only the highest quality and most consistent string you will ever shoot. We use all BCY materials for a reason. They are top quality, with amazing durability and a great finished look.

To order strings, call (307) 382-0968 or e-mail highalpinearchery@gmail.com

String Sets

2 & 3 Piece String Sets – $130.00

(includes 1 or 2 colors of your choice with black or colored serving. Speed nocks included on model bows that are applicable.)

5 piece Piece String Sets – $150.00

(includes 1 or 2 string colors of your choice with black or colored serving. Speed nocks included  on model bows that are applicable.)

Single Pieces

Strings over 60″ – $45
Strings under 60″ – $40
Buss cable – $35
Control Cable – $30


Pinstripe – $5.00 up-charge

Clear Serving – $15.00 up-charge

All the benefits and performance of 452x and 8190 combined.

  • No Creep
  • Good Arrow Speed
  • Low Fuzziness
  • High Abrasion Resistence

​83%sk90 dyneema – 17% vectran

  • Good Arrow Speed
  • More Strand Count Flexibility
  • Better Looking Two Color Strings
  • No Creep, Completely Stable

​67% sk75 dyneema 33% vectran

Halo Serving
100% tightly braided Spectra suitable for end or center serving. Highest durability.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"Shaun knows his stuff! I recently had Shaun change the strings out and tune my Hoyt up for me and I was nothing short of impressed of his attention to detail and his drive to make sure everything was done properly. He was even nice enough to let me test drive the new Elite and Prime bows while he worked on my bow. It is great that Pinedale now has a top notch archery shop! Check 'em out over on Country Club Lane!"
Lars A.
"I have known Shaun for awhile now and can tell you his attention to detail is unsurpassed. He is customer driven for sure. I have had the honor to run a set of the bow lab strings for awhile now, they have a great fit and finish I am seeing no peep rotation or stretch whatsoever. I will tell you get yourself a set of bow lab strings from Shaun and you will not be disappointed. We will be doing more business with him in the future for sure."
Kelly A.
"The service is second to none! Great small town feel combined with extensive Knowledge, and products! I personally have recommended to all of my friends."
Mathew B.
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